European Girl In Kuwait City

A few days ago, I arrived in State of Kuwait, Kuwait City. The reason of this journey is my joining to a very professional and well known local and international fashion company. My love for fashion brought me here, as I wanted to discover the style and taste of Middle East women.

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers

Today being my free day, I took a visit to one of the largest mall in Kuwait, Avenues Mall. It is known for it’s wide range of international brands, starting with H&M, Zara and Victoria’s Secret and ending with Louis Vuitton, Prada and Chanel.

AVENUES MALL,Phase 3, Location for luxurious brands

AVENUES MALL,”Grand Avenues”, Location for luxurious brands

Avenues Mall


The most important attraction in Kuwait is Fashion. People live through fashion here. I didn’t see one lady not wearing make-up or not having her nails done. You can see that the look she is wearing was thought and combined perfectly. They appreciate a designer and put value into his piece.

Also there are ladies wearing “Abaya” because of their religion and culture, a simple, loose garment, like a dress, usually in black color and “Niqab” a veil covering their hair and sometimes all but the eyes. But this don’t stop them to be fashionable and stylish.

She is wearing her several thousand of dollars bag with so much style and graciousness, the shoes of at least 10 cm, big sunglasses and strong color lipstick are a must. I started wonder… For who is she dressing if she cannot show anything….

Then an idea came in my mind… She is making herself beautiful, first of all, for her. She doesn’t need to show to anyone she is beautiful, you can feel it, in her attitude.

So the most important lesson, I’ve learned today, is that We, Ladies, have to treat ourself as queens, to care about our image and to reflect more than a minute on our outfit.

Kuwait City

Kuwait City

Kuwait City will be my home for a while, so I’m gonna report and write about Fashion and Middle East style from here.

More to come…