“Mazing” Absolutely Amazing


“MAZING” LONDON Concept wants to encompass modern luxury and fused with a cool feminine style to create a chic look.
Kelly Hunter and her partner Nishant Marwaha, started the brand when they felt that there was a gap for highly embellished cool pieces that the consumer would respond.
“We both appreciate striking clothes. I am the brands biggest fan with having the passion to create and wear the clothing myself” Kelly said.


Kelly what’s your favorite aspect in owning your own label?
“The freedom to adapt as we see fit. We have the ability to see what people like and what we like to create constant garments that people love.
The future where we could go and where MAZING’s journey can go.”
What was your inspiration for AW 2013-2014 Collection?
“Nowdays celebrity is key in everybody’s lives, the need for glamour and exclusiveness is all around us. As social networking is growing and the world getting smaller we wanted to produce a collection that is easy to wear but makes a statement.
Our inspiration was based on destination party wear Hollywood Hills to Monaco and  that I personally would like to wear with the use of gold, silver, ivory, black and Cobalt, the palette is very chic and sophisticated.”


Kelly describe in a few words how every piece is made…
“With care and attention. Majority of our garments have hand embellishment which is very time consuming.”
Where we can find your beautiful pieces?
“As we are just launching we are yet to confirm a list of boutiques these are yet to come but we can be contacted on email through the website contact@mazing.uk.com and we will be updating stockists very soon.”


“”MAZING” has arrived from the word Amazing whenever people see somebody in a wow peice of clothing, most peoples response is amazing, through the years this had then shorterned to mazing. We felt this best described the range as all of our pieces. Through brainstorming with family the name MAZING was born.
Love or Hate everyone remembers it , now its our job to ensure you love “MAZING” everytime!”-Kelly said…


More about “MAZING” Brand you can find on FACEBOOK PAGE or on WWW.MAZING.UK.COM.
Portrait of Kelly Hunter

Portrait of Kelly Hunter

In a dress by “MAZING”  you will definitely feel always just amazing….

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