Men also can be fashionable…

Balmain SS 2013

Balmain SS 2013

For decades women have taken pride in what they wear and how they look but it now appears that men also are choosing their own clothes and deciding what they want to wear.
Fashion definitely is not only for women, more and more men started to care about trends, fashion shows and styles.
Umit Benan SS 2013 site

Umit Benen SS 2013

Trends comes and go, but it’s hard not to notice some pieces which look pretty timeless, as far things go, such as motorcycle leather jacket or safari shorts…
Missoni SS 2013 1

Missoni SS 2013

Also, forget about black. Navy is the new black and it’s classic and sophisticated.
Roberto Cavalli SS 2013 site

Roberto Cavalli SS 2013

Emporio ARmani SS 2013 site

Emporio Armani SS 2013

So, dear sirs, get inspired from the latest collections of great designers and start building your own style according to you lifestyle.
You need around 10 to 15 items items of clothing that set the tone for the rest of the outfit. Meaning these items of clothing go with everything, so you don’t need to spend thousands on new clothes all the time.
Alexander Mcqueen SS 2013 site

Alexander Mcqueen SS 2013

Hermes SS 2013 site 2

Hermes SS 2013

Trussardi SS 2013 site

Trussardi SS 2013

Gucci SS 2013 site

Gucci SS 2013

An advice from Carlos Campos, Designer:
“Every guy should own a colored scarf during the colder months. When winter comes, everyone always dresses in dark colors like black, charcoal, and navy and it becomes so depressing. Adding some color cheers up a look and helps you get through those dark, dreary months.”
For more styles, tips and trends, you may find on blogs special dedicated for men as Fillipo Fiora blog or Anthony Urbano&Dustin Tyler Moore blog

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