Thank You 2012!!!

This year my whole life changed completely in the best way possible.
I’m greateful for my family, for my friends and for all new people I’ve met.
This blog would never have existed if a very special and dear person in my life, would not help me to follow my heart and find my way in this world.  Thank you, Ludmila!
I’ve been blogging for almost 4 months, but i never did something with so much passion and love. I hope and wish next year will bring me more accomplishments and success. Wish you the same and may the 2013 be the best one!

_DSC7763 1

collage 2


IMG_2932 modified


collage floral prints

DSCF6274 modified

DSCF6078 1



_DSC0039 1

collage weekend getaway


Now let’s get ready for Party!!!
Happy New Year!

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