Making the Shoe

Footwear can be defined as garments that are worn on the feet. There main purpose was protecting our feet. But today, shoes became an important component of fashion accessories. Earlier, i presented you how a dress is made, but today i want to show you the shoe making process.

A dear friend of mine, a shoe craftsman made special for me a pair of  high-heels and i will present you the process step by step:

A shoe consists of sole, insole, outsole, midsole, heel, and vamp (upper). They are the basic parts of a shoe that are mostly included in all types off shoes. Other parts of a shoe are lining, tongue, quarter, welt and backstay. These parts are included as per the design of the shoes.

Also there are 4 steps that are followed for producing finished shoes.


Using a metal strip knives, the worker cuts outs pieces of various shapes that will take the form of the “upper”(top part of the shoes).


Here the component pieces are sewn together to produce the completed upper. The work is divided in stages. In early stages, the pieces are sewn together on the flat machine. In the later stages, when the upper is no longer flat and has become three-dimensional, the machine called post machine is used. The sewing surface of the machine is elevated on a post to enable the operative to sew the three dimensional upper. Various edge treatments are also done onto the leather for giving an attractive look to the finished upper.

Preparing the leather for sewing

Sewing the Leather


The completed uppers are molded into a shape of foot with the help of a “Last”. Last is a plastic shape that simulates the foot shape. It is later removed from the finished shoe to be used further in making other shoes.

The upper is stretched and molded over the last and attached to the insole rib. After the procedure completes, a “lasted shoe” is obtained.

Now, the welt- a strip of leather or plastic- is sewn onto the shoe through the rib. The upper and all the surplus material is trimmed off the seam. The sole is then attached to the welt and both are stitched together. The heel is then attached which completes the “making” of the shoe.

That was the process for heeled shoes. The finishing of a shoe depends on the material used for making it. If made of leather, the sole edge and heel are trimmed and buffed to give a smooth finish. To give them an attractive finish and to ensure that the edge is waterproof, they are stained, polished and waxed.

A “finished shoe” has now been made.

Here you can find more information about Iulian Gherghi.



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