Dreams Come True

Ludmila Corlateanu: Made for Supergirls Swan Lady FW 2012-2013

Since i was a little girl, i was dreaming about a big dressing room full of dresses, in all colors, lengths, from a lot of fabrics and styles.

I remember i got my first turquoise suit when i was 8 years old and i loved it so much that i had to lie to my mom to wear it at school( i was wearing a uniform), because i told her, the teacher is letting us to come to school dressed in our way.

I have a big wardrobe now, but not so big and great as Ludmila’s workshop where you can find dozens of dresses and where i accidentally found this gorgeous tuquoise dress which it happens to be my favorite color.

But I let photos to speak for themselves :

Many thanks to:

Photographer: Mihaela Noroc

Make-up: Cristina Ghergu

I was also wearing:

Shoes: Musette or Cristhelen B.

Earrings: Zara

Ring: H&M



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