Smoking Hot

Hermes FW 2012-2013

First time it caught my attention  it was, when i saw Sarah Jessica Parker dressed in a men suit in “Sex and the City 2”. I must admit it made me to wish instanlty to have one in my wardrobe.

Women’s wear are inspired from menswear other the years. In the 1980s, as women started to approach and sometimes shatter the glass ceiling, menswear style meant dressing like a man. Women wore power suits in bold colors with tie front blouses. More recently, the menswear trend has meant beautifully cut suits in rich tweeds and herringbones made in beautiful gray and chocolates. This style can be dressed up with a high heel pump, silk scarf and delicate jewelry.

3.1 Philip Lim FW 2012-2013

Giorgio Armani FW 2012-2013

Giorgio Armani FW 2012-2013

Paco Rabanne FW2012-2013

Costume National FW 2012-2013

Costume National FW 2012-2013

Louis Vuitton FW 2012 -2013

Tailoring, the cutting and sewing of cloth as we understand it today, developed gradually in Europe between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries.  The first specific reference to the word “Tailor” in the Oxford English Dictionary provides a date at around the end of the thirteenth century.

Balmain FW 2012-2013

Balmain FW 2012-2013

I know that when you are invited to a wedding you shouldn’t dress like the bride ( in white). But what if i will dress like groom, only with really high heels? You think anyone will get upset?


Monki Blouse

Giles long coat

Bardot cotton pants

Casadei platform high heels

MAISON DU POSH snakeskin clutch

Forever New pave jewelry

Bow Tie

What you think about this trend? Are you brave enough to wear it?



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