Oriental Delights from the “City of Sultans”

Recently i’ve been traveling to one of the most beautiful and largest city from Europe, Istanbul.
I was amazed to see how fashionable are muslim women and how men are paying attention at their look. I absolutely fall in love in their skills of matching fabrics and colors, and even if they were full covered, you could see them with red lips, oversized bag from a famous designer and trendy sunglasses.
Istanbul’s fashion industry has been booming over the past decade as a whole generation of young Turkish designers, favored not only by locals but also by in-the-know international fashionistas.
One of the most known designer is Simay Bülbül who opened her showroom in early of 2010 with her trademark of leather designs and a range of fabrics, including jersey and silk.


Spring 2011

2012 Collection

Another promising Turkish designer who lives and work in London for Ghost, is Bora Aksu.
He presented his first collection on february 2003 and only one year later he won Topshop New Generation Award.
His first collection presented in Turkey in 2010 was inspired from by the 30’s lingerie boutique Kelebek based in Istanbul.

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