Men in Fashion-Christian Dior

We, women, know that men are good in many things, like being a good fathers, extraordinary chefs and especially unique designers. Many of them feel what women desire to wear, how they want to look and how an outfit make them feel.
So was a great designer, which i think you all heard about, Christian Dior.
Thanks to him, million of women around the world have fulfilled their dreams feeling not just beautiful with what they wear, but also happier.
Christian Dior was born in a solid bourgeois family and absolutely nothing predicted that he will make a career in fashion. Even if he showed a genuine curiosity for plants and flowers and he had a gift for drawing, his family was totally against him to attend to art school. He agreed to enroll at the Ecole des Sciences Politiques in Paris, but failing his exams for flirting with avant-garde (studying music and learning painting) his father gave up and agreed to open an art gallery.Unfortunately, a series of bad investments in 1931 swallowed up his father’s fortune and he was forced to work for earning his living.After working for small and insignificant jobs, a friend suggested he try sketching some designs.Instantly his drawings already possessed an ability to capture the woman wearing the garment.At the moment a new trial to bear came-The Second World War, so Dior and his family sought safety in Callian, France.
After his return to Paris, working at French couturier Lucien Lelong and seeing his friends successes,he decide to open his own couture house with help of textile magnate,Marcel Broussac, who agree to invest in him.
Dior first collection was unveiled to “le tout Paris” on 12 february 1947. It was received with “a hurricane of applause”. “It’s quite a revolution, dear Christian. Your dresses have such a New Look. They are wonderful”-said Carmel Snow, chief editor of Harper’s Bazzar. And so The New Look, the masterstroke that won back for Parisian Couture the place it has lost during the second war, was born.
The New Look put an end to the ugliness of wartime fashion by long skirts, narrow waists and full busts.

“Cherie” Dinner Dress Spring/Summer 1947

After having a total success in France, at the invitation of Neiman Marcus, the well-know luxury store, Dior went to United States and only one year later he opened Christian Dior-New York.
Christian Dior did not invent haute couture, but thanks to him fashion became a national heritage and art.
His reign lasted only 10 years(1947-1957) but his mark was made in such way that even today it hasn’t lost its magic.

“Junon” Dress Fall/Winter 1949-1950

For each collection Dior presented about 170 garments in a show lasting up to 2 hours. The order of each show was carefully set with suits,formal town dresses, outfits, cocktail dresses, short evening dresses,sumptuous evening dresses made from tulle or organza, printed or with motifs of embroidered flowers of rare beauty and ball gowns with plunging decolletages,wide-brimmed hats tipped over one eye and rustling skirts. The finale was the phenomenal wedding dress.

Dior Mannequins in 1957

In 1955, Dior discovered the talent of a young man, Yves Saint Laurent. He took him on, made his closest assistant and his avowed successor.At the beginning of their collaboration YSL created a dress photographed by Richard Avedon for Harper’s Bazzar which became famous.

“Dovima and the Elephants”

Even if others( YSL, Marc Bohan, Gianfraco Ferre etc.) took over artistic part of the company, the spirit of Christian Dior remained even until today.

Yves Saint Laurent for Christian Dior

Christian Dior, the designer who has occasionally been criticized for doing too much, gave us a magnificent precision of style and a tradition of elegance by creating dresses and evening gowns that took and still take everyone’s breath away……
“The dress, is an ephemeral piece of architecture designed to enhance the proportions of female body”- Christian Dior.(1905-1957).
My opinion is that a woman should wear a dress all the time and no matter what the occasion is, with right accessories and attitude, it will always make you look feminine and precious.
Wearing a special dress, you can only attract positive reactions and you can rule the world.


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Same Dress for day

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