The 1920’s Style

If yestarday, i tried to introduce to you, the little black dress, today i want to approach more styles the ’20’s brought to us. A lot of aspects of pre-war fashion took a new inspirational role. Some men’s clothes( like knitted cardigans, jackets and coats) were re-invented as women’s fashions.
Also, the tailored suits gradually achived a certain degree of functionality for active women in this period.
The waterproofed Bulberry raincoat ensured that it would become an international classic of the future for women and men alike.
Founded in 1856, Bulberry Company introduced its trademark, red/camel/black-and-white in the ’20’s- the lining for the trench coat.
First, Thomas Bulberry created the trench coat for British Army officers in World War I. It was designed to keep warm and to protect them from moisture in the trenches( from here the name).
Later, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Yves Saint Laurent re-invented various versions of the trench coat, but keeping the basics.
Michael Kors sayed once: ” Dress with a trench coat and wake up on the edge of the Seine, imagining you are Audrey Hepburn.”
So, never stop dreaming as long as you wearing something is full of history.

Burberry TrenchCoat 1920

Today, the classic trench coat can be worn anytime and go with almost anything. Below, you can find my vision in wearing the trench coat today.


A perfect outfit for a rainy day

Irregular Lapel Blue Trench Coat
Milly Knitted Sweater
Peach Belted Skater Skirt
Reed Karkoff “Atlantique” Bag

Burgundy Shoes
Chunky Chain Bracelet
Gold Plated Hound Handle Umbrella
En desordre

More to come…..

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