Get inspired from history

Each year, i spend hours per day shopping and getting dressed but did i ever actually thought about what i’m wearing?
For example, what’s the name of the style of my shirt? Who invented my favorite jeans cut? Or who made my favorite baby-doll dress famous?
There is a story behind every piece of clothing and from this year i discovered that every piece of clothing from my wardrobe has a story and i felt i should tell you too.
A perfect outfit can make us to look more exquisite, a evening dress can make us feel unique, especially if we know their history.
Recently, i finished reading “Coco” Chanel’s life story and i became obsessed with little black dress , and how women should pay more attention to the masterpieces “Coco” left us.
Beside that she was an independent woman, she played a decisive role in this new aspect of women’s fashion and today, thanks to her and other designers, we have a wardrobe full of clothes of different fabrics which make us look more stylish and chic.
The legend says that the first black dress was designed by “Coco” Chanel. It is the combination of all the principles after she guided: comfortable, practical and sensual. Chanel launched in 1926 the famous black dress ” Ford”, which remained until today a important piece necessary in every woman’s wardrobe.
The black dress had a straight silhouette, made of jersey and crepe de chine. It was called “Ford” by Vogue in memory of Henry Ford’s model car T that caused a mass hysteria because it was produced in one color.
Also Vogue predicted that black dress will become “a sort of uniform for all women with good taste”.
This dress had a sensational impact on women’s fashion, and it has become one of the most indispensable outfits for women since then.

Drawing of the “Ford” Dress by Coco Chanel (1926)


Little Black Dress

Preen Elgin Ted Full Skirt Dress
Roberto Cavalli Emerald Black Fade Fox Jacket
Brian Atwood/Zenith Chain and stud-embellished suede pumps
Diane Von Furstenberg Tonda Pave Crystal Clutch
Liquid glamour ring small
Chanel Faux Pearl Logo Earrings
Give It a swirl statement necklace

Hoping that today’s lesson was interesting  for you all, i already prepared more stories to come the next days.

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